Friday, December 21, 2012

Venice People 3

Venice People 3

Today's photos were taken in San Marcos Square in Venice at dusk. It was getting dark, but there was still lots of activity to photograph, especially people feeding and "playing with" the pigeons. The birds were very active and were landing on people who were having lots of fun with them. You can see photographers in the background and when a pigeon landed on my hat, they were taking photos of me. Somewhere in the world, someone has a photo of me with a pigeon sitting on my hat. Even though I didn't know any of these people, they didn't mind me taking photos of them.

As I walked by the Bell Tower, I saw a young woman posing for a photo. I couldn't see the photographer, but I shot through the marble supports to make an image of the model.

As I said yesterday, I photographed other photographers taking pictures and you can see a few of them and their subjects in this post.

Merry Christmas 

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