Monday, March 22, 2010

One Day of Photography in Florida 3

Walking in Florida is the best way to see photographs. If you are looking for photographic subjects from a car while driving, it can be dangerous. Often, later in the day, I will take the golf cart and take spins around Citrus Park. It isn't that I am lazy in the afternoons, but the sun is usually pretty hot and the golf cart provides shade so I don't get a sunburn. Of course, this series of photos were all made on the same morning walk in the order they were taken.

Seeing citrus fruit growing on the sides of the roads is unusual for me, so I make photographs of them often. Oranges, clementines, tangerines, lemons and grapefruit are interesting photographic subjects that I see on my walks. The giant grasses also make interesting photographs, especially in the early morning light. I make photos of these very tall grasses every year as well.

You can see houses in the background of the third image. This is one of the streets in Belle Villa, located in the north end of Citrus Park. There are a variety of palm trees growing all over the park and many of them look different when I photograph them year after year. The fourth photo shows a street in Belle Villa which is lined with interesting trees and plants and the last photo shows a close-up of a flower on one of the trees.

As you continue to view the photos in this series, think about the theme for my Photo of the Day - Everything's A Picture - and ask yourselves if you would have seen the scenes and stopped to make photos of them.

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