Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flowers 3

More macro views of flowers that should brighten your day a little.

The first two images show close-up views of two varieties of lobelia. The blooms are very small, but colourful. These plants bloomed from early summer until frost took them in the late fall. The bright red blooms of St. John's Fire really stand out against the dark background in the third image. My wife purchased a tray of these (6 or 8 plants) but they all died except the one shown in the photo, which bloomed most of the summer.

If you grow flowers, or any plant for that matter, you have great photographic subjects from spring to fall. I encourage everyone to photograph the wide variety of colours that occur in nature. because they make colourful screensavers.

The last two images are close up views of flowers on a variety of hay that grows wild around Holyrood. I didn't realize how colourful these tony flowers are until I got very close!

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