Monday, March 15, 2010

Common Redpoll

A few years ago I walked into my basement and noticed several birds feeding on the ground just outside the window. I got my camera, opened the window and waited for the birds to return. Unlike standing outside trying to photograph them, shooting through the window put me on their level and they didn't seem to see me at all. I did this a few times over the next few days and got some excellent close-ups of several species including juncos, grosbeaks, pine siskins, purple finches and common redpolls.

That was the first time I had seen this type of bird around my home and after I photographed them had to check my identification books to see what they were. I was glad to see and photograph common redpolls, a new species (for me). I haven't seen this species around my home since then.

Even though I cropped today's photos, the birds were only a few feet from me allowing close-up views of the tiny birds and their markings. I liked the little red patch on their heads. Note the breast on the birds in the last two photos - the male has a reddish tinge, but the female doesn't. The female took a break from eating sunflower seeds and looked directly at me for a few seconds, almost as though it was posing for a portrait.

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