Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Florida Flowers

Much of north-eastern Newfoundland lost their electricity over the weekend in the worse ice-storm in 15 years. In fact there were still some communities on the Bonavista Peninsula without electricity as late as last night. Fortunately, it missed us on the northeast Avalon, but reports yesterday said that this has been the rainiest March on record and we are only 8 days into the month.

This morning, I chose photos of flowers that I photographed in Florida a few years ago. I think the first is a type of orchid and the last two are gardenias, but I don't remember what the second and third flowers are called. Since these photos were taken in gardens of people on my Photo of the Day list, I will probably find out later today what they are. The photos were taken on a bright, slightly overcast day which provided excellent lighting for flower photography.

I spend a lot of time photographing flowers and plants, especially species I haven't seen before. Of course, in Florida, nearly every plant is exotic to me, so I photograph most that I see. There are so many varieties of plants and flowers that a person could spend a lifetime making images of them.

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