Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flowers 2

As expected, a person on this list identified the flower in the second photo I shared yesterday as an orchid. Thanks!

This morning, I chose close-up photos of flowers that I photographed in my back yard last July. Larger views of the flowers have been uploaded to my Blog.

The first image shows the yellow centre of a daisy. I liked the geometric shapes as well as the texture in this image. The second was cropped from a wider view and the plant resembled butter and eggs, or toadflax, but is a different colour. I have noticed these plants over the past couple of years, but do not know the variety. The third is a flower from a double impatiens that my wife purchased last summer. This plant is a prolific bloomer and produced flowers until we had frost.

A few years ago local Irving Gas Stations gave away wild seed packets with gas purchases and I had a few left over when I moved to my new house in 2007. I figured some of the seeds may grow so I spread them all over a rocky section of the yard. Last summer was the second year and there were several species that came back. I collected seeds last fall and will attempt to grow them in specific locations next year and will photograph the results!

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