Sunday, June 28, 2009

Woody Point

A few more of you have figured out the common thread from the past 3 weeks. All communities were in alphabetical order starting with A - Admiral's Cove to W- Woody Point, today's photos. I don't have photos of communities beginning with X, Y or Z. After 6.5 years of sending photos on a daily basis, from time-to-time I find it difficult to choose appropriate images that I feel will be of interest to the 750 people on my list. The alphabetical sequence of communities made it easy (and interesting) for me to choose photos my daily photos. :)

Today's photos were taken during my last trip to the Bonne Bay area in 2006. It was a beautiful, calm and sunny day in early August. A few days ago I sent photos of the Tablelands, which are close to Woody Point. If you make a trip to Bonne Bay area, make sure you stop in Woody Point to make a few photos. There is also a great place to get a meal of fish & chips!

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