Saturday, June 27, 2009

Upper Island Cove

One other person has figured out the secret theme that I have been doing for the past 20 days. Today's photos are NOT part of the theme. If you want to try to figure it out, go to my Blog and review the past 21 days. :)

I chose 5 additional photos of Upper Island Cove again this morning. As I was going through the photos of communities over the past three weeks, I chose many more than 5, so I do have lots of photos lined up. :)

The first tow photos show steep cliffs, which I mentioned yesterday, with a large iceberg just off shore. I remember the day a friend and I went to Upper Island Cove to photograph the iceberg and spent hours there walking the trails and making photographs. The third photo was taken as I went by in a boat. The fog nearly covered the entire town. Look closely and you can see the white houses clinging to the cliffs. The fourth photo shows a small, interesting house on one of the roads in the town and the final image shows the bottom of a cliff which gives you an idea of how steep it is.


bearkat said...

hmmm....just seemed like I was enjoying looking at a lot of little villages along the east coast! (colorful houses, rocky shorelines,people??)

Anonymous said...

It is remarkable, it is a valuable phrase

brad said...

the small interesting little house is my great grandfathers. I lived there for 10 years or so. not many salt and pepper houses around now. good to see you enjoy our town

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