Friday, June 26, 2009

Upper Island Cove

Upper Island Cove, located in Conception Bay, is another community that is definitely worth visiting. Other than the houses, steep cliffs and fishing boats there is a trail that leads you past sheep pastures. In season, it is also a good place to view icebergs. If you decide to walk the trails along the coastline, you should be careful not to go too close to the edge of the steep cliffs.

I have been sharing photos of communities around the Island of Newfoundland over the past 20 days and the response has generally been positive. For those of you planning to travel around the island portion of our province, all communities are worth taking photos of. I suggest that you get off the main roads and explore the side roads that will take you to many interesting and scenic communities.

As well, I have been following a specific "theme" that I haven't told you about. I wanted to see if anyone noticed it on their own. Yesterday, one of you noticed it and let me know. Unless you were actually looking for it, it would be hard to notice. Feel free to look back through the last 20 posts on my Blog and it should be evident. :)

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