Thursday, May 28, 2009


There is a marina in Holyrood so I get lots of opportunities to photograph boats in the scenic harbour. The town has built a boardwalk around the beach where many visitors and residents come to relax and watch the activity, especially on a warm summer day.

The first two photos show boats making their way back towards the marina. The second image, while very similar to the first, is different because of the small boat between the sailboats. Since the smaller boat is a "working" boat (the fishermen are trying to catch squid), and the sailboats are "recreational", the viewer compares two types of boats. The third photo shows one of the sailboats as it approaches the entrance to the marina.

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bearkat said...

Bruce, really been enjoying your pictures this last while, florida, the sunrises, and especially the tulips.....have a great rest of the week!