Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Flowers

The first two spring flowers bloomed around May 1 this year. The daffodils and pansies were the bravest of the many plants growing around my property.

I planted the daffodil bulbs in the Fall of 2007 and they are blooming for the second year. I took the photos I am sharing today on May 5 and will photograph them again today since there are more flowers now.

I didn't plant the pansy so it must have grown from a seed that blew on to the land. There are two tiny plants growing close together, but no more that I can see. I'll have to have a look around for others.

The purpose of showing current photos is to let members of the list from around the world see what is happening in this part of the world. Even though we had a "good winter" and spring (so far), plants are not a lot further along this year as compared to previous years. I will continue to document the progression of the seasons and share them with you.

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