Sunday, May 10, 2009


Every time I visit Florida. I photograph several species of birds that live in and around Citrus Park.

The first photo shows a great egret, or white heron, resting on an island of rocks in one of the ponds. It started preening its feathers and I took a few photos before moving on. I liked the contrast between the white bird and the reflections of green trees in the pond.

There are several species of blackbirds and I was lucky to catch this one as it was about to eat something it had gotten in the mud. It was curious about me but when it heard a couple of quick clicks of the camera it flew off. The feathers of this bird are quite irridescent. I think this may be a common grackle, but it could be a rusty blackbird.

After an anhinga has come out of the water, it spreads its wings to let them dry in the sun. I photographed several this year. I've learned that the anhingas are hesitant to fly when drying, so I sneak up on them very slowly. Like most birds, they seem to get used to me if I don't move for a while. They are always curious about the clicking of the camera and will eventually fly away, but not until I have captured several images.

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