Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moose 2

Sorry about yesterday - I didn't have time to send my photos in the morning, and forgot to send it last night. :(

The first photo shows the mother moose when she first became aware that I was there. Her ears moved each time I took a photo. From this angle, her belly looks fairy round so she may be ready to have a new calf.

The young moose is a yearling and will soon be driven away by the mother. This time of the year the yearlings can be seen around the highways of our province and are dangerous, especially at night.

The third photo shows the young moose walking towards the highway as a van drove by. You can see why moose are dangerous to vehicles and passengers; in fact a young woman was killed in a moose vehicle collision on the highway near Holyrood the night before I took these photos.

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