Monday, May 11, 2009

Birds 2

Today will be the last of my Florida series for a while. I will return to a few more Florida themes from time to time. I have chosen three more birds today.

The white ibis is probably one of the more common birds around Citrus Park. It is a large white bird with reddish beak and legs. They feed both in water and on land and like most birds are fairly skittish when approached. I photographed the one shown today from 30 feet away.
Red cardinals are very skittish and usually fly away as soon as I see them. Occasionally I will get fairly close, but am still looking for an excellent image of this beautiful bird.

An oriole flew into the trees nearby and I was able to focus (with difficulty) through the branches, leaves and twigs. This brightly coloured bird is also on my list of "birds to photograph" again.

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