Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Once day, while walking around looking for photos, I saw a "fisherman" lawn ornament. I photographed it with the intention of combining it with seascape and/or boat photos. I took a little time to create a few images which I am sharing with you today.

These days computer software enables photographers to manipulate photographs and create art. I used Corel PhotoPaint 12 to remove the background from the original photo. Then I searched for photographs that I felt the fisherman would fit into.

The first photo shows the original image. It was difficult finding seascape or boat photos that I could use because of the fisherman's sitting position. The seascape images were made in Conception Bay, Newfoundland and the dory (boat) was taken in Brigus. The hardest part of removing the unwanted parts of the photo was removing the grass and plants around the feet.

I have lots more photographs of computer art at: http://lanephotography.com/painted/photo_art_intro.htm

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Anonymous said...

Brilliantly done. I use PSPX2 to adjust??? or in some cases correct!!! my photos.