Tuesday, August 12, 2008

English Harbour West Museum

On the second floor of the yellow building (J. Petite & Sons) is a Museum that has many "old" things on display. I hurried through the displays because there were people waiting on me. I took a few photos in the six minutes I spent there.

Since I didn't take my tripod with me, I knew lighting may be a problem. I shot both with and without a flash and captured a few interesting images including the two photos I am sharing today. A window to the left provided the light for both photos. If you would like to see fourteen other images I made in the museum, just click the link below.

I have uploaded ten images to my new English Harbour West Museum Gallery to:

1 comment:

bearkat said...

i am having fun seeing the east coast through your eyes....this reminds me a little bit of Heritage Park here in Calgary! :)


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