Saturday, August 09, 2008

South Coast

If you haven't visited the Coast of Bays, you are in for a treat over the next couple of days! Though I visited Harbour Breton and Pool's Cove over 35 years ago, it was foggy each time and I didn't get many photos. On Thursday, my father, brother and I were treated to beautiful scenery and picturesque communities during our annual photo trip.

The first two photos today were taken near Wreck Cove. As you can see, the scenery there is spectacular! I'll share photos of the community later.

The third photo was taken in Deadman's Cove near Harbour Breton. There is a boardwalk that provides easy access to the beach but we were running out of time and didn't explore this area very long. We'll have to go back there again! We missed a few communities and it was really overcast when we were driving through much of the beautiful scenery. I took 1087 photos during the six and a half hours that we were were in the area. :)

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bearkat said...

bruce...i couldn't help but think....."this land is our land!"...when i hear of breton...i think of cape breton and rita macneil:).....glad that you had a great time!!