Friday, August 15, 2008


One of the towns we visited during our trip to the Coast of Bays was Boxey. It is a strange name that is believed to come from the shape of the wood that grew there when the community was settled in 1830.

While in Boxey, I photographed the doors of several sheds including the two I am sharing today. I liked the blue siding and faded red door, a combination of colours not commonly seen in outports around the island. I composed the second photo to include part of the building including a window and door. As well, the lobster pots in the background provide a clue to viewers that the shed is related to the fishery.

I have more photos of this community and, when I return to Newfoundland, will update my web site to include the images I made in Boxey.

I have more photos in my Windows and Doors Gallery at:

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