Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bald Eagle

In order to photograph animals through a wire enclosure, you need to use a telepohoto (or zoom) lens and ensure the animals are fairly far away. You probably noticed that the animals were very close to the enclosures in the photos I sent yesterday so the wires were visible. The eagle was about 20-25 feet away so I was able to make images in which the wires were nearly invisible.

The three photos of the bald eagle were cropped from originals taken with my 70-300 mm zoom lens at maximum zoom. I had the ISO set on 400 and the camera set on Program (P). I focused on the eyes of the eagle and the made the photograph at f7 at 1/400 second exposure. Of course, I was shooting very quickly and did not pay attention to those details until I checked the information on my computer later.

Many people ask me if I shoot my photos using manual settings, but 99% of the time I use the P setting on my camera. I tested the Automatic (A), Program (P), and other settings (including Manual) when I first purchased the camera and found that there was very little difference. I use P because it gives me much more control than fully Automatic.

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