Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stained Glass

I haven't been sending my Photo of the Day for the past few days because I have been busy - my son was married on Friday. This morning I chose three photos of stained glass windows in the church.

I haven't taken many photos in churches recently because most are locked. Years ago, I could walk into just about any church building in Newfoundland and Labrador, but our society has changed and that is no longer possible. There have been several incidents where people have entered unlocked churches and stolen items, including money from donation boxes. In a few case the buildings have been vandalized, and I know of one case where the culprits started a fire using hymn books and Bibles. I guess insurance companies are insisting that doors be locked when churches aren't being used.

There are people on this list from all over the world, and I wonder if it is the same everywhere.

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bearkat said...

congratulations on your son's wedding......i love stained glass windows....i think they all seem to tell a story of some kind....saw some really neat ones at heritage park here in some of the period houses.........yes, unfortunately...churches do have to be locked up now...and yet the criminals still seem to find a way has happened several times here in calgary.....sad!!!....have a great day!:)

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