Saturday, July 12, 2008


The three photos of eyes are from the same animal. I cropped them from larger photos and thought it would be interesting to see how many of you could guess the type of animal just by looking at the eyes.

I realize it is summer and a weekend and many of you may be travelling so I won't give an answer until Tuesday. That gives people 4 days to send an answer.

The first person to guess correctly will receive a photo of his/her choice to use as a computer desktop.


Millie said...

I know its not my Pug dog sooo it must be a Rabbit..

Millie said...

Looks like my Pugs eyes but it must be a Rabbit?

bearkat said...

hmm....nearly looks like the snowshoe hare you had sent earlier this year?????

K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day said...

It was a goat ... :)