Thursday, July 31, 2008

Red Fox

On Tuesday afternoon, while walking along one of the trails in the woods behind my house, I saw a red fox crouching in the grass watching me. I stayed very still for a few minutes and it began to approach me very slowly while sniffing the air often. It was fairly relaxed and didn't stop until it was about 6 feet from me. If it is the same fox that's been around here for a while, it is probably used to my scent.

Unfortunately, I did not have my telephoto lens with me and I couldn't get any close ups. Today's photos have been cropped from the originals.

I started a Red Fox Gallery at:

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bearkat said...

aww...sure do like and appreciate mother nature:) the wild roses.....they are always so pretty......did you realize that they are the floral emblem for Albera? :):)..have a great weekend!!!

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