Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Last year during my daily trips to the mountains behind my house, I photographed many flowers, trees and animals which I shared with you through my Photo of the Day. Since I haven't been on any photo trips so far this summer, I have been going back through my files to look for images to share. Hopefully, I won't send the same photos again. :)

This morning I chose three photos that I took on one of my hikes and each demonstrates my theme for Photo of the Day - EVERYTHING'S A PICTURE.

The first shows a small pile of rocks that I started to build by adding one rock every visit to the top on one of the hills. I do this on every hill I climb.

The second photo shows an unusually shaped rock sitting on top of the same hill. I liked this composition with the tree, rock and the landscape in the background.

When I looked over the edge of the steep cliff I noticed a few large boulders that looked like they should just roll off and into the trees. These boulders have probably been there since the last Ice Age ended around 10 000 years ago.

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