Friday, June 06, 2008


Last evening as I drove home after a late meeting, I saw a plane heading towards Paddy's Pond, just outside St. John's. Since it was a beautiful sunset, I pulled over to get a photo as it landed in the lake with the sun setting in the background. Just as I got the camera ready, the plane descended and approached the lake. Unfortunately, it flew past me and landed quite a distance away. I did get a few images as it passed by.

When I was a young university student I had a summer job as a geologist and used to fly out of the same lake to get dropped off in other lakes in the interior of the Avalon Peninsula. As well, one summer I worked in Northern Ontario and we flew to our camps in similar planes. Once, the pilot let me fly the plane for an hour or more and I loved it! It was a very different experience than flying in a jet.

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bearkat said...

that is neat bruce.....and pretty against the sun going down....i flew in a small 4 seater when i was in holland, and you are is a big difference from a jet!!!...sure am enjoying your blog...have a good weekend!!