Saturday, June 14, 2008


While visiting Northern Bay a couple of years ago, I watched two golden retrievers competing to retrieve a ball thrown into the ocean by their owners. I watched as a wave started to break over them as they swam back to shore. They both managed to keep their heads out of the water but one did better than the other. In the second photo, the dog on the right is nearly under water and you can barely see its nose just behind the other dog. Neither seemed to mind the waves because as soon as they returned the ball, they were running back into the water again.

We are updating the school's Photo Album Project and won't be adding more photos to it until September. If any of you are travelling during the summer and take photos that you don't mind sharing with students, feel free to email them to While, the most popular photos with MQP students are animals, they like them all.

This year they did assignments on Newfoundland and Labrador, food, animals, the environment, people at work, weather, water, atmosphere, plants, wildflowers and communities around the world. So, just about any photo you send will be useful. We have over 7000 photos in our database already. If you want to check the project, go to
Send lots of photos of your summer travels!!

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