Saturday, June 28, 2008


The buttercups are in full bloom around Holyrood. While they are common flowers, I still like taking photos of the bright yellow blooms.

The first photo shows a flower breaking its pod, and the others show the pretty yellow flower that is classified as a weed. Even after all the trauma caused to the area we cleared in order to build our house, the buttercups are growing around the perimeter and adding colour to our yard.
By the way, try to avoid touching the plant if you plan to photograph buttercups because they can cause you to itch.

Feel free to check my updated Buttercups Gallery.
Have a great day!

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bearkat said...

thanks bruce......these have always been a favorite of mine.....i recall one spot in particular in jasper.....where i would always look for them....they are so pretty!!!! :) :)