Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Yesterday I mentioned that I was sending photos (flowers) showing that there is still beauty in the world. One person emailed back and stated that all my photos show the beauty that I see. I guess that is correct to a degree so from now on I will send photos that I consider reflect the beauty all around us. Maybe I should change the theme of my Photo of the Day to Everything's Beautiful! :)

Today's photos were taken in Ferryland (on the Irish Loop) and show a rocky beach being pounded by the Atlantic Ocean. I have stated on several occasions that I always try to capture the "perfect wave".

Both of today's photos were taken from the same location with my 75-300 mm zoom lens. The first photo shows a beach with very little wave action. The second shows waves breaking on the beach, on rocks near the beach and on rocks further out. There is lots of action in this photo.

I have a gallery of 6 photos of Ferryland on line at:

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