Thursday, September 27, 2007


Thanks for the comments regarding the sunrise photos I sent yesterday! Today I am sending 1 original photo and 2 images created from it.

The original is the first one (if you don't view your emails in html, it is the one that shows a bit of the road and ditch). You can see that it isn't a very good photo. I was lower than the road and shooting towards the bright sky. I focused on the bikers, one of which waved just as I took the photo.

I decided to play with the image and brightened it quite a bit. I also increased the contrast quite a bit as well. Then I cropped out the ditch and left only a sliver of pavement along the bottom. I liked this image much better. To make the third image, I converted the photo to b & w, then added the guy's red shirt.

Once again this morning, I am sharing images that I feel show why even a bad image can be saved (sometimes) by a bit of knowledge about photo manipulation software.

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