Friday, September 21, 2007


Today I have chosen something different - a series of three abstract images that I created from other photos.

The first image is a photo of a candle that has had special effects added to it. The addition of hundreds of tiny "stars" makes it look like the candle is floating in space.

To create the second image, I copied the flame of the candle three times and changed its size and shape. Finally I added an abstract photo of my face that I had shot in a mirror.

To create the third image I combined a photo of Gros Morne with one of a classic car. I created a flying car that looks like it has just flown over Norris Point. This reminds me of the flying car in Harry Potter.

I spend a fair amount of time playing with photo manipulation software and enjoy looking at the results of my "artistry".

1 comment:

bearkat said...

bruce..that was interesting today...that second picture seemed somehow reflective :)...and loved seeing that car one too....but then I guess that is the "nascar" lover in me!!! thanks!!


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