Saturday, September 08, 2007


I was up bright and early this morning and because it was a clear morning with a light fog, I took my camera and photographed the sunrise. I walked about 100 feet from my house.

The first photo is a wide angle view of the scene before me at 6:18 AM. The pink clouds, moon in the sky, fog and trees combined to make a nice composition. You can see the effects of the fog if you look closely at the hills.

The photo of the moon was taken with my 75-300 mm lens at maximum zoom.

I combined the two photos to create the third image with a much larger than normal moon. If you look just up and right of the centre of the first photo, you will see a tiny white dot. That is the size of the moon in the original photo. I think the larger moon is much more dramatic, even if it isn't a 'real" photo!

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bearkat said...

beautiful bruce!!!there is just something about sunrises...and the sunsets too! thanks!!