Monday, May 21, 2007


Today's photos were taken May 21, 2004. I wanted to check to see if Spring was ahead or behind this year. As soon as I saw the photos I realized how far behind we really are. I haven't seen a dandelion flower this year, but there were lots of dandelions and pansies all around this time two years ago. Alders were flowering along with many other species of trees.

The three photos this morning show the beauty of the dandelion. The bright yellow colours are cheerful. The second image shows a couple of insects; a small fly and, if you look closely, you can see a the tips of a spider's legs. The third one shows a close up of its reproductive parts. It is a little more gold than yellow because I zoomed closer where the colours are a little darker than the rest of the flower.

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bearkat said...

2Wow...we've had dandelions for at least a month already here in Calgary....and for some reason...they are in abundance this year!!!!!

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