Friday, May 04, 2007

Rabbits, Florida

Rabbits are very common around Citrus Park and I photograph them when they are close by and don't run away.

The rabbit in today's photos stayed still for quite a while. I was riding a bike when I stopped to take a few photos. I moved closer and closer until it finally hopped into the bushes. I was able to get a few close-ups.

People in the park have witnessed rabbits being caught by panthers, bobcats and hawks. I walked many miles while there, but saw no signs of the big cats. I did manage to get photos of red-shouldered hawks that were not hunting.

Thanks for the comments about the clown photo I sent yesterday. If you would like to see more photos of Joey's Clowns, go to
This is a private site for now. I haven't decided if I will open the galleries to the public.

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bearkat said...

This is the awwww for the day..gotta love em...and the clows were the smile for the day...THANKS