Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Winter Scenes

This morning I have attached two photos of winter that I took nearly 25 years ago. I shot these images with my Canon AE1 and Kodachrome 64 slide film. It was taken long before digital photography.

The first photo shows a frozen lake (Main Beach Pond) with snow covered trees and hills. This lake is on my walking route so I pass it every time I hike behind my house. I have photographed this lake several times a year since I moved to Holyrood in 1982.

The second photo was taken on my walking trail. Several years ago someone clear cut this particular area and I was so disappointed. However, nature has a way of rebounding and the trees have grown back thicker than ever. It will still take quite a few years before it looks like this.

Last week I asked you to share your first impressions of a couple of photos. The feeling I get from these images is Peace, and I remember feeling so peaceful as I walked winter trails on snowshoes .... I still have those peaceful feelings today every time I venture into the woods behind my house. Through my photos (and technology) I can share that feeling with over 750 people all around the world.

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