Sunday, January 28, 2007


To be honest, I have been searching for today's photos for nearly 45 minutes. Because the weather has been so bad the past few days and the fact that I am working during daylight hours, I haven't taken many photos. I try to share current photos with people on this list, however, I have been searching through my files to find Photos of the Day that I haven't sent previously and that I think you guys would enjoy seeing.

I chose two photos (taken December 15, 2001) of ice in a river . The shapes and textures of the ice are interesting and every year I shoot a few photos that are similar, but like fingerprints and DNA, no two photos are the same.

Because there are few reference points, it may difficult for you to know the size of the ice. However, I suspect that those of you who live where water freezes in winter can guess fairly accurately at the size of the ice in both photos.

Of course, these photos once again illustrate the theme that Everything's a Picture and that there is beauty all around us if we look for it.

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