Sunday, January 14, 2007


Tourists visiting Newfoundland and Labrador like to see wildlife, especially moose. Over the years I have seen several carloads of people taking photographs while the moose went about their business of survival. Often, photographers get a little too close for comfort. They may forget for a moment that moose are wild animals and are somewhat unpredictable. The large bull moose in today's photos allowed the photographers to get pretty close, but if it had attacked, the person could have been badly injured. I have been guilty of trying to get close to moose, but my telephoto lens allows me to get fairly close, without having to get physically close to the animal.

There is another reason for showing the 3 photos this morning; the lighting. In the first photo the moose was standing in direct sunlight and was well lit giving fairly accurate colours. The moose in the second and third photos was standing in shade which caused the colours to be too "cool" . As a result the photos have a "bluish" cast on them.

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