Saturday, January 13, 2007

Black and White Images

I have always liked black & white photographs and in the "old days" carried 2 camera bodies; one with black & white film, the other with colour slide film. With digital photography and photo manipulation software, however, all photos have the potential to become B & W images.

I shot the first photo of cups, saucers and spoons at a luncheon. I tried several different compositions, but liked this one best in B & W. The photo was taken inside without a flash. I focused on the cups in the second row towards the back. Considering the low light, I was pleasantly surprised to get most of the cups in focus.

The second photo shows a key that was hung on the outside of a shed door in Burnside, Bonavista Bay. It was a very dull day and the colour image I made was almost B & W, so I converted it and liked the result. B & W makes sense for an "old fashioned" key. This image would probably be nice in sepia tone as well.

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