Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Backyard in Winter

It has been very cold over the past few days ( -14°C, 4°F) and we had 10 cm of snow. My back yard looks similar to the two photos (taken in January 2004) I am sending today. There are approximately 700 people from around the world and I suspect it is a lot warmer in most places and probably cooler in others. Believe it or not, I do enjoy some things about winter especially taking photos of beautiful, clean scenes.

Most of you know that from time to time I ask people to share their own photos by sending them to International Photography Gallery. If you send photos from anywhere in the world, my students will add them to our new Photo Album Project. ( ) Feel free to check it out. By sending photos to this project, you are giving students permission to use your photos in school projects. Feel free to check it out.

Our Grade 3 students are creating the albums and adding keywords in English and French. Topics in which need photos:

  • animals
  • farms
  • people of different cultures and religions
  • plants
  • food
  • sports
  • birds (penguins and others)
  • seasons
  • water
  • transportation
  • history
  • archaeology
  • buildings
  • landmarks
  • pets ..
  • Netherlands
  • Australia
  • France
  • other countries
  • anything that would be interesting to students.

If you wish, you can send the photos to me at and I'll forward to the kids. Thanks for considering this worthwhile project.

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