Monday, October 02, 2006


The first "Guess What?" Photo was a stack of collection plates. I took the photo at All Saints Anglican Church in Foxtrap last Thursday. A few people thought it was a stack of plates - that was the closest guess.

The second is a photo of water flowing over a dam in Petty Harbour. A few people thought it may have been running water, but most were way off.

The third was foam floating on a river. Quite a few people guessed that one correctly.

I find it interesting that those photos caused so much confusion, when the macro photos of mushrooms send a couple of weeks ago were identified so easily.

The photos I am sending this morning were taken in Deer Lake in August. There was a pretty heavy fog close to the river that morning and it took a while for the sun to burn off the fog. I could watch the sun through the thick fog and am sharing 3 photographs showing the sun rising behind a few trees. I found that the trees added some interest to the photo.

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