Saturday, October 28, 2006


Earlier this fall I photographed apples growing on a tree near my home. The photos were taken around 11:30 AM as the weather was clearing up after a rainy morning. I liked the colours as well as the water drops on the red part of the apples. The third photo was cropped from the second.

These photos were taken with a 100-300 mm zoom lens at maximum zoom. Since I was shooting into the tree and the sun wasn't really very bright, I set the ISO to 400 and the camera on Program Mode (P). The camera chose f8 at 1/250 sec. The fast shutter speed helped me avoid out of focus shots because of camera shake which is common (for me) when shooting at maximum zoom.

I have been sending a Photo of the Day for nearly 4 years and try to keep the photos current. This time of the year when I am working during the day and it gets dark so early, I have to go back through my files to choose photos. I know many of you look forward to the daily photos and enjoy the beauty that I see all around me. As well, several people have told me that they now see beauty in things they had previously taken for granted. Today's photos are examples of "Seeing" beauty in an ordinary scene.

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