Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lighthouse Picnics

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the Avalon Peninsula and I spent much of the day in Ferryland, a community on the Irish Loop. While there I walked to the lighthouse to get a few photos. The last time I was there (3 years ago), a couple of young ladies had started a business called Lighthouse Picnics. That day, there was one group of people picnicking. Yesterday, however, there were quite a few people enjoying picnics overlooking the ocean with the Ferryland Lighthouse towering behind them.

The business has grown from two young ladies working from a small cart located outside the lighthouse to a staff of 8 or 10 people operating from inside the lighthouse. It was so interesting for me to photograph the scene again with people all over the cliffs. I have to commend the young ladies for their initiative.

The photos today show the lighthouse with quite a few people enjoying the day and a few of the small groups of people picnicking on the hillsides. Note the beautiful views that people have while eating their lunches.

For people who will be visiting this area, take the time to walk (10-15 minutes) out to the lighthouse and enjoy a picnic by the sea.

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