Monday, August 21, 2006

Buskers, Halifax 2

The Halifax waterfront was literally full of people watching the many buskers when I visited there last week. I am posting two photos today which show two of these street performers. The first guy was from Winnipeg, Manitoba and called himself a contortionist, among other things. In the photo his arms look really weird - he held the iron bar behind his back, then rolled them forward to the front of his body. After holding them in this position for several minutes, he put his head, then both his legs through the space between his arms and the bar. Not an easy feat, even for this guy, who claimed to be 113 pounds.

The second photo shows a guy from New York playing drums on 5 gallon buckets. To be honest, he was very good and it sounded great. It seems like there are less people at this performance, but it was the angle from which I took the photo. There are quite a few people sitting in the front and standing all around me.

The biggest problem I had with the performances was the fact that it took quite a while for them to get their shows started. They talked a lot to try and attract a larger audience and I was anxious to get more photos, so I didn't stay for their full performances.

I have more photos of each performance and will send them if you send me an email at

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