Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Icebergs 2 - 2014

Icebergs 2 - 2014

Today's photos were taken between the towns of Gull Island and Low Point in Conception Bay and most communities in between. As I look back through the photos, I am still amazed at the number of icebergs in the bay this year.

It has been beautiful here for the past 5 days - warm temperatures (in the 20°C,  70°F range) and few clouds, but the 7 day forecast predicts rain, drizzle and fog with no sun.  I am glad that I went on my iceberg hunt on Monday because it's not looking good for the rest of this week!

As I made photos of the icebergs, I often included houses in the foreground to give viewers around the world an idea of how close they were to shore and how big they were.  It is difficult to judge the size without references.  Imagine the beautiful view out the windows of the houses in today's photos!

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