Monday, June 02, 2014

Communities 3

Communities 3

My apologies to those of you who couldn't click the link to my Photo of the Day Blog to view the other photos.  Every time I use another computer to send photos, the links do not work.  Of course, because I don't use it often, I forget to redo the links.  For future reference, the address to my Blog is: .  If you forget just use Google to search for K. Bruce Lane Photography Blog and it should be the first choice.

The first photo this morning was taken in Pinware in Labrador on a beautiful sunny morning in July, 2004.  Later, on August10, 2004, I photographed a man throwing a seine net towards a school of Capelin.  It was surprising that they were spawning so late that year.  Then on August 18, 2004 I made several photographs in Burnside and Salvage in Bonavista Bay and Twillingate, Notre Dame Bay during a photo shoot in the Central Newfoundland area.

Photos of the Day are for sale as:

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