Friday, July 26, 2013

Trinity 5

Trinity 5

As usual, I received several comments regarding a photo of a clothesline.  I am sharing a couple of them. This morning, I've shared a clothesline image here and another on my Blog.
Love the colorful clothesline! Very different than the drab colors that the Amish hang out. But, I love those too. You just don't see clothes on a line anymore.
Mom had a clothesline later on when there weren't so many of us at home. I dare say, it would have been too much work to string everything out on the clothesline with us having 7 kids, plus Mom and Dad! :)
Here in Newfoundland, clotheslines are still very common.  I see them often in my travels around the island and photograph many of them.  In many cities in North America clotheslines have been outlawed and there are environmental groups such as Project Laundry List who encourage people to use clotheslines and try to get anti-clotheslines laws changed. I have been interviewed by radio hosts all across Canada about clotheslines.  One lady, at a CBC station in Edmonton if I remember correctly, ended her interview by asking if I had a clothesline.  I answered that I didn't because moose keep tearing them down.  I gave a couple of examples such as hearing a loud crash one evening and looking out to see a big bull moose running across my yard with my clothesline tangled in its antlers and dragging 2 poles behind him.  She seemed to be amazed at that story and I hope her audience enjoyed it as well.  Too bad I didn't get a photo of that - it would have made a great clothesline image.

This morning you'll find photos of houses, boats, fences, windows, doors and clotheslines.  I encourage you to check the photos I upload daily because you will see more of this historic community.  This series is a Virtual Tour of Trinity because the photos are in the order they were taken as I walked around the town. 

Feel free to share today's photos with family and friends.

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