Monday, March 18, 2013



When I was sharing photos of Europe during the Fall, I decided to save most of the sunrises I photographed for a future date. Last week I started going through my digital photos looking for more images of active people and have saved well over 200 and I've only gotten through 2004 and 2005. It looks like it will be a bigger job than I thought at first.

I also mentioned a possible photographers series and I've saved quite a few of those images as well. I have six more years of photos to go through so it will be a week or more before I decide what to do.
I chose to share ten photos of the sunrise in Villefranche for this morning for two reasons. First, I am working on a new series for the next few days, but it isn't quite ready. Secondly, this was an interesting sunrise to photograph because we had already arrived on the French Riviera and the sun was rising behind the hills of Villefranche. Most sunrises I photographed on cruises were at sea, but in this case the sun was already fairly high in the sky before it came into view making it too bright to look at.

There were quite a few photographers on the top deck of the Liberty of the Seas that morning, so many in fact that it was hard to get a good spot. The email version has three photos but I've uploaded ten to my Blog which show the sunrise from the time it started it get brighter to the point where the sun rose just above the hills.

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