Friday, March 08, 2013

Fishing 2

Fishing 2

The first photo this morning was taken on the Exploits River in the spring of 1980. The young boy did not know I was taking his picture as he tried his luck in the early morning light.

The two men standing in the harbour near Avondale were trying to catch sea trout.  A lone fisherman standing in the Salmonier River caught my attention and I made a couple of photos with the sun behind him.  The man standing in a boat near Salmon Cove had good balance as he cast his line into the river.  I liked the image of a man fishing in a river near Colinet on the southern Avalon.  A couple of women were trying their luck in Lawrence Pond in Upper Gullies and three fishermen were salmon fishing on the bottom of a cliff in the Exploits River near Grand Falls.

As you can see from the photos I've shared over the past few days, fishing is an activity that gets people outside and is part of a healthy lifestyle.  Even though fishing is not overly strenuous, it is still a little exercise and every bit counts.

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