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November Flowers

November Flowers

Here in Newfoundland and Labrador, the weather last summer and fall was beautiful - hot, sunny, and not too much rain. The good weather continued into late fall and on November 6, I walked around my yard making photos of flowers that were still blooming.

My daughter-in-law's father gave her nasturtium seeds seven years ago and she planted them in a small garden near my old house. I collected seeds in the fall and have been planting them each year since then. I like these flowers a lot because they are easy to grow, require little maintenance, are prolific and add bright yellow and orange (and combinations of the two) colours to my yard. As you can see from the photos, they were still quite healthy in November.

A couple of years ago a member of my Photo of the Day list sent me calendula seeds, which I started in a friend's greenhouse and later transplanted to a flower garden. They grew well that year and, since we cut most of the flowers for indoor flower arrangements, I didn't collect any seeds. A few must have blown around the yard because this year as I was weeding near one of my vegetable gardens, I noticed an unusual plant andI allowed it to grow - mainly to find out what it was. When it began to flower. I realized it was a calendula and was surprised because it was at least 100 feet from the garden they had grown in last year.

The golden marguerites grow wild all around my yard and they all came from a single plant my wife purchased four years ago. The blooms are fairly small but there are many on each plant so they are very colourful.. As you can see, they bloom well into the fall and add a bright yellow colour all around my yard.

I've also uploaded a couple of photos of dahlias that were still blooming in November.

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