Monday, March 04, 2013

Quidi Vidi Lake

Quidi Vidi Lake

Many people take advantage of the trails around Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John's to walk or run. I remember walking around the trail in the summer of 1981 when it was boggy and wet. The boardwalk certainly made a big difference to the numbers of people who make the trip all the way around the lake!

Others train for the Royal St. John's Regatta in Spring and Summer. Today's photos show people walking as well as three crews that were practising on the lake on June 26, 2003. If you know people who rowed that year, feel free to share these photos - they may be in the boats I photographed that day.

Yesterday's photos were a hit on Facebook. The one I uploaded to my Facebook page was shared by nearly 100 people, which means thousands around the world viewed it. It has been the most popular photo I've ever uploaded. If you are on Facebook and haven't visited either of my two pages just click one or both of these links. (ask to be a friend) (LIKE)

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