Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marigot 2

Marigot 2

Because our time in the French capital of Marigot was limited to 45 minutes, we decided to leave the flea market and explore the nearby main street. As I stated in my introduction to this series, I am sharing the photographs in the order they were taken. However, I did take several photos from the bus as we travelled around the island, but am keeping those until later. You will understand why when I share them.

As we were leaving, the strong smell of spices caught my attention and I made a photograph of some of them. I would have liked to include more of the spices in the image but it was under a canopy and there were harsh shadows. As well, there were a few people there and it was difficult to shoot around them.

When I saw the green and yellow shop with bananas and other fruit for sale, I took the time to photograph it as well. The colourful image is one of my favourite of the day.

It was pretty early in the day and it seemed like the bars and restaurants were just opening - they weren't very busy at all. I liked the image of one person talking to the bartender with no one else around.

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