Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Unidentified Flowers (Weeds)

This morning's photos show tiny flowers (less than 1 inch) that are growing wild in my yard. I've been letting these flowers grow in my flower gardens because they are so beautiful despite their size.

The flower in the first photo is similar to the blossom on "butter and eggs" but the stem is less than 1 foot high with only one or two small blossoms. Of course the colours are totally different.

This summer, lots of the bright pink flowers are growing in the gravel between my raised vegetable beds, approximately 200 feet from where they grew last year.

I don't know what either of the flowers shown today are called and I have only seen the first two growing in my yard. Since they are all growing in gravel, they must be fairly hardy.

Today's photos were taken using extension tubes on my 28-70 mm lens. I was lying on the ground and had to hold the plant still in order to keep the small flowers in focus.

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